Warren Buffet style Wealth Creation

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Founders Investment Network (FIN) is one of the best Wealth Advisors in Hyderabad¬†with a high-level professional, who utilizes the spectrum of financial disciplines available, such as financial and investment advice, legal or estate planning, accounting, and tax services, and retirement planning, to manage an affluent client’s wealth. Wealth management is an investment advisory service which combines other financial services to address the needs of clients. It is a consultative process whereby the wealth advisor gleans information about the client’s needs and wants and made a strategy utilizing appropriate financial products and services.

Want to grow your Wealth Fastest?

The 3 fastest growing and highly trustable asset class in long terms are:

Mutual Fund

We will help you find the best performing Mutual funds from a list of 2500 Mutual funds

Equity- Stocks

We will help you find the high potential growing stocks from 5000 listed companies


We will help you search and invest into next Unicorn Startups from 70,000 startups

About Us

15 Years of serving HNIs/ Corporate Leaders/ Business Families/ Entrepreneurs on helping them Preserve and Grow their Wealth.

Our research driven wealth advisory helps you take informed decision on your investments. It has helped our clients grow their wealth much faster and also helped them safeguard it against any market fall.

Why Choose Us


Our proprietary research helps identify right asset class


15 yrs of serving HNIs/ Corporate Leaders & Business Families

Warren Buffet

We strcitly follow guidelines of accomplied investors


A strong performance resembles our Passion & work

Our Services

We follow Warren Buffet style of investing to create Wealth by compunding your growth for Long Term

Wealth Management

Helping client grow their wealth by investing into trusted and research based asset class.

Mutual Funds

Helping our clients grow their wealth faster than market by recommending long term high performing funds.

Equity- Stock

Proprietary research tool to identify and recommend stocks with strong fundamentals for long term investment.

Startups & Ventures

Screening & bringing High potential Startups from across India for Angel and Seed investing from clients.

Looking for Wealth Management Advise?

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